Music is culturally irrelevant


With the advent of cheap computing and digital audio recording, it is easier than ever for aspiring musicians to get their work out to the public. Because of this, music will never again hold the gravitas it once did. Hell, I’m not even sure there will be any left.

The MP3 format and P2P services have made it easier for people to find new music, but who cares? The market has become so insanely flooded that no one can differentiate themselves on any meaningful level.

Sure, the graying hairs in the suits can push the Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers of the world on us but none of them will last long. They are nothing more than gimmicks who happen to push a lot of units. The novelty takes precedence over the song. As long as we exist in a world plagued by infotainment debauchery, this will be the case.

Musicians will continue to push establishment bullshit. I imagine that come 2012, we’ll see more glowing endorsements of Obama. More fundraisers in the form of rock concerts. Rock and roll is supposed to inspire rebellion, not compliance. Hopefully some people within the craft will get it, but they’d most likely be labeled as racist.

The music industry is not long for this world and I can’t say that I will miss it.


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