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With the advent of cheap computing and digital audio recording, it is easier than ever for aspiring musicians to get their work out to the public. Because of this, music will never again hold the gravitas it once did. Hell, I’m not even sure there will be any left. The MP3 format and P2P services […]

An American citizen among 8 other individuals have been killed at the hands of the Israeli government. While friends and family mourn, Joe Biden wonders just what everyone is making a fuss about. The rest of the despots in Washington have openly stated their continued support for Israel. Had Iran done this, we’d all be […]

Imagine if all we’ve ever known was taken away in an instant. Every institution, every custom, every way of life. Every single thing you can manage to conjure. Our society would be starting from scratch. The only thing we would have to draw upon is our past. Novelty-based ideas can be fun and exciting for […]