Release yourselves from the chains which tie you down


Humans were not meant to sit in classrooms for 15 hours a week. We were not meant to work for 25 more than that for useless pieces of paper we call currency. We were never meant to travel to AIDS-devastated regions to do charity work that is primarily for self-serving purposes. We were not meant to receive a piece of paper called a degree as a form of validation, wage international warfare from a computer screen in a remote location, enslave ourselves to a large centralized power, sit around sipping “fair trade” coffee discussing the finer points of marxist policy, drown ourselves in a sludge of infotainment news media bullshit, play ring around the rosy at the campfire while singing kumbafuckingya for mother earth, write books about transgender/queer theory, etc.

You will forever work a thankless job. You will pay property taxes and think “gee, I sure have it made”. You will settle for and marry an unremarkable woman. You will be doomed to a life of repetition and boredom and think you’re living the American Dream. You will have unremarkable children who will have unremarkable children of their own. You will fade into obscurity. You will die an unknown.

It is impossible for one to exist in a hyperindustrialized society and preach about spiritual values. If you belong to a man-made paradigm, you are not truly close to whatever god you believe in.

If you truly wish to bring about change, you must not feed into the government/corporate complex. Quit your job and convince others to do the same. Build a skilled following and start your own autonomous community. Grow your own food and farm your own animals for meat and dairy. Build a wind generator.

Or you can live the rest of your life as a slave. Your choice.


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