With the advent of cheap computing and digital audio recording, it is easier than ever for aspiring musicians to get their work out to the public. Because of this, music will never again hold the gravitas it once did. Hell, I’m not even sure there will be any left.

The MP3 format and P2P services have made it easier for people to find new music, but who cares? The market has become so insanely flooded that no one can differentiate themselves on any meaningful level.

Sure, the graying hairs in the suits can push the Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers of the world on us but none of them will last long. They are nothing more than gimmicks who happen to push a lot of units. The novelty takes precedence over the song. As long as we exist in a world plagued by infotainment debauchery, this will be the case.

Musicians will continue to push establishment bullshit. I imagine that come 2012, we’ll see more glowing endorsements of Obama. More fundraisers in the form of rock concerts. Rock and roll is supposed to inspire rebellion, not compliance. Hopefully some people within the craft will get it, but they’d most likely be labeled as racist.

The music industry is not long for this world and I can’t say that I will miss it.


An American citizen among 8 other individuals have been killed at the hands of the Israeli government. While friends and family mourn, Joe Biden wonders just what everyone is making a fuss about. The rest of the despots in Washington have openly stated their continued support for Israel.

Had Iran done this, we’d all be choking on nuclear radiation right about now.

Imagine if all we’ve ever known was taken away in an instant. Every institution, every custom, every way of life. Every single thing you can manage to conjure. Our society would be starting from scratch. The only thing we would have to draw upon is our past.

Novelty-based ideas can be fun and exciting for a time. However, mistakes will be made with the ideas and the society affected by it will soon catch on. The society will eventually start back from where it was before the idea took hold.

An example of this in the wild would be the ever prevalent one-hit wonders in pop music. The public enjoys whatever it is for a short period of time and promptly loses interest. It’s as if nothing had ever happened. The inverse of this is the band that has enjoyed a smaller, but consistent level of success throughout their career. This band will have a dedicated following and has probably influenced many lesser, yet more popular artists.

We can view our institutions and customs in the same way. They are still here today because they are properly analyzed and tested by the process of time. Our ancestors suffered hardships during the learning process of what works for a society and what doesn’t. They suffered through botched forms of government, bad science experiments and goofy belief systems. Thanks to their struggles, we learn from their mistakes and make effort not to repeat them. However, we can also draw upon the things that did work for them and apply it to ourselves should present conditions make it possible.

Life is a constant learning process. A process that can be incredibly difficult. Though, if we all use prior knowledge vetted by the sands of time, that difficultly can be softened.

By order of the President of the United States, June will now serve as the stage for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Pride Month. I can already see the storm brewing on the talk radio and television news media front. Pseudo-conservative and liberal blustering ahoy! For my own sanity, I will ignore them and attempt to provide some analysis that isn’t tailored toward a soundbite driven audience.

This proclamation, from most reasonable perspectives, sets a dangerous precedent.  Take a look at the language used in in the press release.

“LGBT Americans have made, and continue to make, great and lasting contributions that continue to strengthen the fabric of American society. There are many well-respected LGBT leaders in all professional fields, including the arts and business communities. LGBT Americans also mobilized the Nation to respond to the domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic and have played a vital role in broadening this country’s response to the HIV pandemic.”

As this individual points out, while the accomplishments of LGBT oriented people are mentioned, this is not the focus of this proclamation. Rather, it is what they simply are that is taking center stage here. These respected leaders are as such because of their expertise in their respective fields. Their skills did not come from their sexual orientation, nor did their skills define who they are and are not attracted to.

Being gay, bicurious, or “born the wrong gender” is, in and of itself, nothing to be celebrated. In a functioning society, the most celebrated among us cannot be career participants or spectators within it. That, plain and simple, is what this proclamation is contradicting.

Personally, if I were an accomplished individual in my profession and also happened to be gay, I would much rather be defined by the goals I reached. Homosexuality is not an accomplishment. Being truly exceptional is.

Much has been made of the Tea Party in the past year. On one hand, we have the childish demonizations and name calling stemming from the mainstream media. On the other, we see a feverish, unrelenting support for the movement in many corners of the blogging community. Sadly, I have yet to hear from a single voice from either spectrum or anywhere in between that has analyzed the Tea Party and their inner workings with any degree of objectivity.

From the perspective of the mainstream media, Tea Partiers (or teabaggers, as their sensationalist, infotainment-driven agenda side would say) are portrayed as uneducated backwater racists who may or may not inbreed. These criticisms are highly fallacious and are little more than petty ad hominem attacks. Criticisms that stem from the fear that movements can form independent of their influence.

While the Tea Party appears to be something that formed from the ground up, they are a seed without direction. I will concede that a few general ideals propel the movement, but their goals defined by these ideals beyond anti-incumbency are, at best, incredibly vague.

Your average Tea Partier will say that the movement is driven by anti-deficit, fiscal conservatism, and small government ideals. This is all fine and well if we accept this at face value. However, when you dissect what the members of the Party stand for, these driving factors are a direct contradiction when put up against what they support.

What contradicts the three ideals listed above is the majority support within the movement of the US starting wars abroad. This creates huge deficits and inflates the budget beyond any level that could be considered reasonable. Without a proper declaration, these wars are illegal, setting the precedent that the government is big enough to be above the rule of law. How the pro-war stance has become the conservative stance is beyond me.

No matter how big these pitfalls are, they pale in comparison when you think of who the Party associates with them. Perhaps the most prominent Tea Party supporter is Sarah Palin, who is essentially the de facto spokesperson for the movement. Another “conservative” who seems to think that the ideology began and ended with Ronald Reagan. Tea Partiers seem to be ignorant of the fact that Palin’s involvement will most likely end up undermining their efforts more than any amount of contradiction or lack of clearly defined goals could. Her Israel-first, wealth distributionist policies, among other things, will implode the Party’s fragile, self-perceived core values. Above all, she has shown herself to be thin-skinned and incapable of leadership.

This video is an excellent example of the disillusionment that has plagued the Party from the onset:

The man in the video is absolutely right on all points. Most of all, extreme measures must be taken to bring about any degree of true change. Tea Partiers are a little too comfortable with their lives to sacrifice anything for what they believe in.

The problem here is that they don’t know what they believe in. Thus, they see no reason to sacrifice.

Humans were not meant to sit in classrooms for 15 hours a week. We were not meant to work for 25 more than that for useless pieces of paper we call currency. We were never meant to travel to AIDS-devastated regions to do charity work that is primarily for self-serving purposes. We were not meant to receive a piece of paper called a degree as a form of validation, wage international warfare from a computer screen in a remote location, enslave ourselves to a large centralized power, sit around sipping “fair trade” coffee discussing the finer points of marxist policy, drown ourselves in a sludge of infotainment news media bullshit, play ring around the rosy at the campfire while singing kumbafuckingya for mother earth, write books about transgender/queer theory, etc.

You will forever work a thankless job. You will pay property taxes and think “gee, I sure have it made”. You will settle for and marry an unremarkable woman. You will be doomed to a life of repetition and boredom and think you’re living the American Dream. You will have unremarkable children who will have unremarkable children of their own. You will fade into obscurity. You will die an unknown.

It is impossible for one to exist in a hyperindustrialized society and preach about spiritual values. If you belong to a man-made paradigm, you are not truly close to whatever god you believe in.

If you truly wish to bring about change, you must not feed into the government/corporate complex. Quit your job and convince others to do the same. Build a skilled following and start your own autonomous community. Grow your own food and farm your own animals for meat and dairy. Build a wind generator.

Or you can live the rest of your life as a slave. Your choice.